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2022 - Supporting Utah Abortion Fund

$2,790 raised for Utah Abortion Fund

$2,790 raised for Utah Abortion Fund

With the recent Supreme Court Dobbs decision, Utah women’s right to make decisions about their health and family was taken away. The Utah legislature passed a law outlawing abortions with some provisions (rape, incest), but medical providers are unclear how to comply with those provisions making those provisions meaningless.

Our family firmly believes that we need to trust women to make medical decisions about their body and family. We decided to support the Utah Abortion Fund, an organization which provides financial and practical support for people traveling to, from, and within Utah seeking safe abortion care.

Like past projects that touched on controversial issues, this year’s Peach Pie Project help direct frustration to a worthy cause. We set multiple records (see below) and this became our most successful project to date.

This was also the first year we were able to make and deliver all the pies in a single weekend due to access to a second refrigerator. We also borrowed two other mixer stands to accommodate the number of cream filling that had to be made.

Project firsts:
  • New record of number of peaches made and delivered: 50
  • New record for donations: $2,790
  • New record number of donors: 44
  • Largest donation ever: $250
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